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May 1, 2014
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February 1, 2018

Kids Mindfulness (Term 1)


Tuesday (SOLD OUT), Wednesday (SOLD OUT) & Thursday’s (TEENS)6/8 February – 27/29 March 2018 | 4:15-5pm | Simp-Lee Yoga & Massage Centre, 24 Baylis St, Wagga Wagga & Gurwood St Studio


8 – Week Introduction to Mindfulness For Children

One thing I wish I had the opportunity to do when I was younger was be introduced to mindfulness. It was something that wasn’t really around for my parents to send us kids to, so we took part in the usual sporting and musical and dance activities which was definitely loads of fun and as a child Mindfulness lessons weren’t something I was considering or knew anything about anyway! But the term ‘mindfulness’ is becoming ever so popular amongst children and adults – society as a whole. Have you ever considered thinking about how much ‘balance’ your children have during their week? Are all their extra curricular activities focused on ‘doing’ and have a recurring theme of ‘competition’? Most probably you will say yes because it seems to be what all extra curricular activities involve these days, competition. Whilst the benefits of cardio, strength, agility, social environments, teamwork etc. are fantastic for your child’s health, there needs to be a balance as you would understand being an adult between ‘doing’ so much and simply ‘being’. The ‘being’ part comes with mindfulness. Some would think that breathing comes naturally, yes that is true, but mindful and conscious breathing is something that needs to be taught. To be taught how to turn our focus inward and find a place that is calm that we can come to when we feel sad, angry or need comfort or to simply ‘slow-down’ and maybe uplift and inspire.

Tuesday: 7-12 years (SOLD OUT) & Thursday 13-17 years (Maybe opening up Wednesday 7-12 years also

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