Want to learn more about spirituality and tapping into your energy body? Want to live a life that is aligned with your core values? Perhaps you don’t know what your core values are? Are you ready for some soul-searching? Brooke’s Conscious Living program is designed to  create the space for you to consciously live a life that you love. You will begin to consciously be aware of everything around you and create a life that is surrounded with meaning and purpose.

Why mentoring?

Because you don’t need a coach. Everything is already within you so you don’t need anything. I am here to guide you on this spiritual journey of finding your light so that you can shine in your own unique way.


Price ($)

3hr session – 350 (FREE initial introduction)

The Conscious Living Program is a great way to introduce you to yoga, meditation, chakras and more to create a foundation for which you can begin your wellness journey. We cover everything from self-love, purpose, vision and use yoga and meditation to powerfully connect you with your true Self. You will also get access to a group of like minded souls who


I am ready when you are! 🙂