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April 8, 2016
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July 27, 2016

Living Regionally: My Tour To Tumba

One of the fab things about owning your own businesses is that you can travel to the places that set your soul on fire, and in fact find an excuse to be there for work. This however, was a work trip, it just happened to be a drive to the invigorating mountain area that surrounds Tumbarumba. It didn’t take long at all, a 45-minute drive from Wagga Wagga to Tumbarumba through the countryside really was a breath of fresh air.

To start the day we pulled up to Nest Cinema Café where the fire was roaring. To my delight there was a library wall that just caught by attention as soon as I arrived and of course the huge ‘Woodland Film Festival’ poster on the wall. This was accompanied by mini posters ‘Every Man Has His Log’. Yes, that’s ‘log’, not ‘dog’. Immediately I was hit with the warm culture of this tiny regional town. Soon enough I met Noel, a 90-year old Sydney man who decided to retire in Tumbarumba. When I first saw Noel I felt that I needed to connect with him and so I did. After a long chat by the fire with a green tea of course (Noel had his coffee) I discovered that Noel is a well-known Tai Kon Do teacher and often visit’s Korea to teach. His warm aura immediately sparked an interest in me and I was thinking how blessed I was to be having a conversation with this 90-year old man in Tumbarumba. I was intrigued at just how much he had achieved not just in Sydney or Tumba, but how he has made a mark beyond. Noel teaches a variety of individuals from young kids, mid-aged adults and even offers a ‘walking stick’ protection session for the elderly. I was blown away by the amount of great health and happiness that Noel displayed within himself – I would never have known that he was 90 years old, but looked like the average 50-year old. There were so many connections that came through from people that we knew in Wagga Wagga to Noel fighting through World War II in the similar way that my Nanna also did who is 93-years old and is  living in Tumut. Noel believes it is the cool climate that keeps him going and definitely has been an influence on him being so active for his age. One of his sayings I took away was “to do anything better than the alternative” and it really does relate to life. To always be looking on the bright side, because at the end of the day there really is no other way.

“To do anything better than the alternative”

I really love that I can live and work regionally and have the opportunity to still connect with others and learn with each connection and individual I meet. The purpose of this trip was to meet with Laura who owns Nest Cinema Café to finalise a few projects taking place up in the hills. I was so honoured to have Laura show Alex from Revival Nutrition and myself around the café. We took a tour of the old-fashioned 5-star service cinema  and also a wander through her vege garden. (locals have told us it really is 5-star as you get the food and beverage service with a reclining arm chair and table!) If you ever get the chance to visit Tumbarumba make sure you stop by Nest and try their sweet potato fries and Ganesh Green Tea; it really was the best I have ever had!

To move the legs a little Alex and I went for a walk down the main street of Tumba and I could have literally spent half the day in the Gallery store if I had the time! The artworks had incredible meaning, each created by local artists. I also stumbled upon a shelf of books, from local poems to books on ‘healthy living – living food’ and most of all a book called Hello Me, which has a reflective cover so that you could see yourself in the reflection. I ended up purchasing this book for some children I know and it would also be perfect for adults. It allows you to find what you need within, and view yourself in a different light and understand that things will happen around you, be said to you, but always look within and know who you really are, then none of the other stuff matters. I definitely took a lot away from that store, so again make a visit if you are in town. It is operated by a local group so make a donation if you can!

I now have many excuses to visit Tumbarumba again, whether its for these projects or to reconnect with a local, there is always something that regional towns offer. I am so thankful to live in Wagga Wagga and be surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature and the towns that fill the Riverina and surrounds.


Love + Light,



“Life is like water, when you hit a rock, move around it and keep pushing forward”. – Noel