Audi Q7 Launch
October 6, 2015
Cork & Fork Fest – Taste Riverina
October 27, 2015

Client’s Success!

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An event strategy has proved to be a major success for one of our clients Borambola Wines. With well over the amount of attendees that were expected, the first Cork & Fork Fest event which was launched on October 2nd 2015 attracted an estimated 4000 attendees, not just from Wagga Wagga. Foodies came to the event from all areas including Newcastle over the long weekend whilst visiting family and friends. We even had food bloggers from Sydney attend and promote local food vendors and produce. The event campaign reached over 40K people online which proved to us that the public was getting excited for this pop-up event – a first for Wagga Wagga down at the Wagga Beach.

The local Daily Advertiser has stated that Cork & Fork Fest is “Wagga’s surprise tourism star” due to the amount of interest from the public. We believe the event has encouraged locals to utilize the newly upgraded Wagga Beach precinct that Wagga City Council has recently done.

Pop-up events are becoming an increasingly popular style event – there are less hours of operation for food and beverage vendors meaning that they can push out their products faster and more efficiently. They are a great marketing tool as they can attract large crowds of a broad demographic and gain a large amount of stakeholder interest. If you would like to attend or hear more about Cork & Fork Fest you can visit the Facebook page here.

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