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April 18, 2018
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A Weekly Conscious Living Routine

Brooke B

If there is one thing anyone wants more of in their week, it is balance. We all crave it and desire to have that week that allows us to get in the right amount of ‘you’ time, as well as ‘family time’, ‘work time’ and everything in between. Yet, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. You either create a lengthly list you need to tick off that week come Sunday or your given that list Monday morning. All of a sudden your weeks consumed by ‘doing’ for everyone around you you haven’t had the opportunity to ‘do you’.

I live a lifestyle that has a lot involved because I am one of those people who prefers not to sit around, have a 9-5 job or do anything that is ‘normal’. Yup, thats a true Gen-Y for you! This is something I CHOOSE to do because it is aligned with my personality and what keeps me thriving. But, honestly I feel like it is becoming more ‘normal’ as more and more people are craving the same. You now read it in the newspapers, see it on the TV and come to meet people who are shifting to a more flexible lifestyle. (that is if you watch TV, read newspapers … because I certainly don’t – another non-normality!)

I am continuously getting asked and more now than ever, ‘how do you stay like this’,  ‘what do you do’ and ‘whats your routine’. First of all, ‘how do you stay like this?’. Well, the truth I don’t. My soul definitely needs balance between having down days and having days full of rainbows and butterflies. I definitely get my share of both. In fact, this entire business and career started from me having way too many of those down days. So theres my proof that these tools and resources I share with you actually do work. Secondly, I do what works for me. What works for me may not necessarily work for you, but I hope this guides you to create what does. I always do what I know my body, mind and soul will love me for. Yes, all three. Body, mind and soul. All three are equally important which is what creates that balance. I know if I work on cardio or weights, or high intensity every single day and don’t do my relaxation meditation or yoga the effect isn’t just physically but my mind cops it. I begin to overthink things because I am so use to being in fast-mode. This is very masculine. Yet, I am naturally very feminine so I need this aspect in my week because it helps me structure my week, build motivation and reach my intentions. So starting my day with gratitude journalling, rather than hopping straight out of bed to make that 7am Hiit training allows me to begin easing into my day with a clear mind and in flow which my feminine side loves.  Having that walk in my week allows me to get Vitamin D (because I train indoors), feel into nature (my favourite thing in the world) and doing meditation activates my yin energy of ‘being’ and also ‘consciously ‘creating and manifesting’. This is way more then snapping that sneaky meditative image and popping it up on instagram. This is a way of living for me and I do commit to it every single week.

After being asked these questions numerous times I felt it was time to get my fingers down on the keyboard and write a blog about it. Even more, share with you exactly what I do week-to-week. Oh, and don’t be hard on yourself, if this is nothing like your week, don’t sweat it. I have been in a lot of holes to help me crawl out and figure out what works for me. So, find what works for you and maybe follow a similar guideline.

When creating your own consider the following to maintain balance:

  • Balance of masculine (doing) and feminine (being). Examples of masculine include Cardio, Hiit, Weight training, Structure, routine, discipline, doing, static. Examples of feminine include Yin yoga, meditation, journalling, art, walking, listening, sensual dance, flow, flexibility, adaptability.
  • Start small. Setting the bar for your meditation length too high will only result in your not wanting to do it next time. 5-minutes to begin with is enough.
  • You don’t have to break your bank account. Paying a professional to help you with every single one of these aspects is not necessary. Use the internet, find a Hiit work out that you like, download a yoga app, download Soul Collective meditations and there you go, so convenient.
  • Add reminders in your phone and book in your sessions to make you accountable.
  • Each day allocate 3 hours for this. If that means waking up early, so be it. Make sure you get your 8 hours sleep though! Make it work beautiful, so that you work 😉

Take a look below and feel free to share with me on my Instagram page @Brooke_soulcollective

Much love,



Weekly Routine (Conscious Connection)