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July 17, 2017
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30-Day Yoga Challenge

The 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Next challenge begins: 1 September 2017

What is The 30-Day Yoga Challenge?

This 30-Day Yoga Challenge involves practicing yoga for 30 days straight. Each week over the month you will be given a daily session consisting of a 10-20 minute yoga sequence which you will continue for that week with variations each day as more dynamic options. You will be joined by a group of Yogi’s and Yogini’s from all across the world in the form of an online Facebook community where can can choose to share your progress. Each week you will also have inspiring contented delivered right to your email inbox to help kick start your week. This challenged is designed for beginners or more advanced students wanting to simply challenge themselves with #yogaeverydamnday.


What is included?

  • Weekly yoga sequence video to practice each day with different variations delivered via the online group
  • Weekly email sent direct to your inbox with loads of inspiration to keep you accountable
  • Daily chat and sharing from other humans doing this challenge with you from all across the world via online group
  • Loads of support from people all across the world and of course your Yoga Teacher, Brooke!


What will I need?

  • Yoga mat or towel
  • Yoga block or hard book
  • Yoga strap or belt
  • YOU!


How do I start?

Get ready by registering below, click the link, sign up and you will be directed to the online community where all the information will flow through!


Accountability #101 – YOU + ME + YOGA

I know what it’s like to start something and then stop because of societies #1 favorite word of the century, time! That’s why I have created this challenge in a way that the challenge is in the commitment to practice #yogaeverydamnday rather then the challenge to set aside the ‘time’ to practice. Although you will need to set aside the ‘time’, each sequence I send you will be a 10-20minute sequence that you can choose to make longer if you wish rather then a 1 hour full class. The best part of this is that it is tailored to any level of yoga experience and it will allow you to better develop your yoga practice as we focus on particular areas of a Vinyasa yoga sequence ie. Sun Salutations.

I will be with you guiding you every step of the way via our online Facebook community where you can choose to interact with others or perhaps not. I do however recommend you do share with the weekly questions that I will have to promote engagement between the group and it is a fun way to see how everyone else is doing, which also makes you accountable!

See you on the mat!



Brooke xo